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Reading Challenge Update – 6 months

I’ve just finished my tenth book of the year, which is convenient, as that marks the halfway point in my reading challenge for 2017 just as we’ve passed the halfway point of the year. I haven't done an update, as such, before, so I thought I’d do a quick round up of the books I’ve… Continue reading Reading Challenge Update – 6 months

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A quick reflection on (nearly) finishing university

So, I have had a bit of break between posts thanks to the stress of final year. In the hopes of trying to pass my assessments, I let the month of May go without a post. It’s a funny time at the moment. I’m hanging around university until the end of July to finish my… Continue reading A quick reflection on (nearly) finishing university

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Ever growing TBR list

My birthday is just around the corner, and I shouldn’t have bought books, but I did. I only bought two, thanks to Waterstones’ buy one get one half price offer on at the moment (even if this wasn’t running, I probably would have still bought them). I picked up The Girl of Ink and Stars… Continue reading Ever growing TBR list