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Ever growing TBR list

My birthday is just around the corner, and I shouldn’t have bought books, but I did. I only bought two, thanks to Waterstones’ buy one get one half price offer on at the moment (even if this wasn’t running, I probably would have still bought them). I picked up The Girl of Ink and Stars… Continue reading Ever growing TBR list

University Chat

Finally Get to be a (Social) Scientist

My current track record of doing a post a month has gone well so far. I didn't want to break it yet, so I've written a bit about a big piece of work I'm planning at the moment for university. I’ve been planning my dissertation over the past few weeks, and I finally hit on a topic… Continue reading Finally Get to be a (Social) Scientist

Book Chat

Get Listening (in French)

After singing the praises of audiobooks in my last post, I was eagerly waiting for the next monthly credit to appear in Audible so I could choose my next book. I'd finished reading/listening (even after that post, I still can't quite decide how you consume an audiobook) Agnes Grey, and although it cannot touch The Tenant of… Continue reading Get Listening (in French)