Places I really want to visit

This year I will be 24. Not old by any means, but I'm creeping to my mid-twenties and my goal-setting is becoming more long-term rather than the usual yearly goals I make. My career goals are in their infancy, but I have ideas and plans, and I'm slowly making way towards them. I have financial … Continue reading Places I really want to visit


Seeing the Cursed Child

Another week, another few days spent in London. This time it was to celebrate my birthday, which had already been planned over a year in advance when I bought tickets to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in January 2017. My brother and I are life-long HP fans, and although I find myself conflicted with … Continue reading Seeing the Cursed Child

A trip to London, featuring The Mousetrap

Last weekend was a very good weekend. I visited my friend in London and had a great time in the capital. The main reason for the visit was to go the Bond in Motion exhibition near Covent Garden, presented by the London Film Museum. My friend Tom and I had visited the national car museum … Continue reading A trip to London, featuring The Mousetrap