Never set a reading target, & other stories

Rather predictably, my little challenge to read three books by the end of September is incomplete. I didn't even finish my little 150 page book. It should've been easily accomplished, really, but the cat was thrown amongst the pigeons when I received a job offer. The excitement of finally securing a position took over one … Continue reading Never set a reading target, & other stories


Mini September TBR

I've been in a bit of a reading slump recently. I think it's partly to do with being a little bit stressed and not being quite mellow enough to just sit and read, and I've also been exhausted, so any time I have sat down, I've been asleep within seconds. Not exactly conducive to reading. … Continue reading Mini September TBR

Women in translation

Two years ago today I flew to Portugal to start my year abroad. Those two years have gone by so quickly, and that year was hands down the best of my degree. No question. Being a languages student for the best part of 10 years - including school and everything - I thought I was … Continue reading Women in translation